The IT Facelift for Digital Transformation
A Guide to Upskilling & Reskilling


If your company has developed a forward-looking digital strategy, but you are still looking for the right IT specialists to successfully implement the transformation plan, you’re not alone. Countless other IT and HR leaders are currently facing an extreme shortage of urgently needed IT skills in the labour market.

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According to our ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS), in the UK, 42 percent of tech companies in the UK expect to increase their workforce (MEOS Q4 2022); whereas 76 percent of tech companies in the UK are having trouble finding the right skilled IT talent (MEOS Q3 2022). So they need a pragmatic approach to fill talent gaps through practical, comprehensive reskilling and upskilling programme. Read our guide for more information.

Addressing skills shortages: a critical hurdle for your transformation

The lack of available IT specialists not only complicates technical implementations within the IT function but also presents a fundamental business risk. Nowadays, our data-driven business models and all-digital processes are the backbone of the business. So, IT staff shortages are:

  • locking up growth with opportunities remaining untapped,
  • delaying new products and services launches,
  • slowing customer experience improvements,
  • jeopardising competitive position in the face of new market participants,
  • inhibiting businesses’ ability to innovate, and
  • damaging stakeholders’ belief in IT’s ability to deliver, impacting both culture and IT employee satisfaction.

Our new insider guide shows you approaches to overcoming these skills challenges by running efficient upskilling and reskilling programmes.

Building IT skills: Tips for skilling your IT workforce of tomorrow

In many markets, there are not enough qualified IT specialists available to support digital transformations.  However, there are alternatives.  You can close your skills gaps by building up technical talent internally.  Upskilling upgrades the skills of your existing IT staff for new technologies and more complex tasks. With reskilling, you retrain proven employees from other areas for use in IT. However, there are many challenges that need to be addressed.

The insider guide from Experis highlights the key watch-outs for leaders during the planning and implementation phases of such a programme, providing you detailed insights.

Our new insider guide shows you approaches to overcoming these skills challenges by running efficient upskilling and reskilling programmes. Here are 4 important steps you need to include.


Analyses of your company's situation and future IT skills needs


Identifying risk areas such as automation and cyber security


The motivation of your employees


Building a holistic workforce strategy

Take your next step to overcoming your IT skills shortages.


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